Leicestershire, the home of ByDesignGifts

ByDesigngifts is based in Leicestershire the County of the fox - the symbol of Leicester City Football Club and Leicestershire County Cricket

Some interesting facts about the County

  • We have to start with Leicester City Football Club winning the Premiership title in May 2016 after starting the season as 5000:1 outsiders.  Their achievement was described by many as the greatest sporting upset ever

  • Leicester is one of the oldest cities in the UK with a history stretching back over 2000 years.  Leicestershire was recorded in the Doomesday book

  • Stilton and Red Leicester cheeses and the pork pie are Leicestershire's three most famous contributions to English Cuisine

  • In 1485, following his death in battle against Henry Tudor at Bosworth Field, Richard 111's body was buried in Greyfriars Church in Leicester.  After the discoveries of Richard's remains in 2012, he was reburied at Leicester Cathedral in March 2015

  • In 1841 Thomas Cook organised the world's first package tour from Leicester

  • Radio Leicester was Britain's first local radio station when it began to broadcast in 1967

  • Experts have agreed Leicester is the birthplace of modern standard English, developed as a way for Anglo-Saxons and Vikings to communicate rather than fight

  • Leicester is home to the Queens Building at De Montfort University, the largest naturally ventilated building in Europe

  • Leicester hosts the largest Diwali celebrations outside of India